I was filling in a survey for bootswhen this drop down trial cream caught my eye all free no obligation just pay delivery so i gave my card details they put you could also have this cream to trial for an extra £1 just paying delivery . i read all the small print there was a section where it says tick if your over 18 which i ticked and there was another box saying tick if you want to sign up for 12 months which i laughed at i thought others must not of read this and they got ripped off it then made me put my postcode in again and jumped back clearing the boxs of 12month subscription and over 18 i thought they are trying to trick people to tick this box so again i did it correctly . then getting a shock from my bank after i did phone to pre warn they might take large amount from my account i didnt agree too and they did i wasnt sure weather to send the cream back as this is a scam artist working here and would end up with nothing the product they sold left my skin relly itchy which i dont react to creams normally which is frightening phoneing my bank again to cancel my card and telling bank about this fraud they have recently after looking at the cream with the bit of paper with number on cancelled an order i didnt ask for then they just sent me statement saying another £77 pounds came out after cancelling i havent had no free trial i did order just the fraudsters scam i really hope my bank claim can sort this out and justice is done these people who could work for these fraudsters i hope it happens to them what goes around comes around then justice is done for the innocence good people of the world i believe it will and hopefully these people or gangsters will be in prison for life as rightly they deserve thank you

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Round Rock   Zip: 78664
Address: 504 Dinge Bay
Phone: 8884806782

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