A Used Car Deale

On April 27th 2013 I found an add on craigslist for a 1997 Mazda protege for 1,995. The add stated that the car is super clean inside and out and that the engine and transmission is in proper functional mechanical working condition and to come down and check it out. I called the car dealer by telephone before going down there in person to view the car. I asked the salesman how many miles where on the car. The sales man said there was 180,000 miles on the car so I said, "cool, i'll come check it out. When I arrived at the dealership, the mileage on the car was actually 231,794 miles on to it. I took it for a test drive for about 30 minutes and could tell that there was no issues with the car as far as its concerned, mechanical wise. I decided to take the car and paid him 1,039 dollars off my Chase Liquid debit card and another 500 dollars in cash and purchased it as is with no warranty. 1 day later the check engine light came on and I took it down to Auto Zone to have them run the codes to see why the check engine light all a sudden appeared on the dash. The computer stated that there is either a bad catylack converter or 02 sensor issue. The day after that, the motor started knocking as I would accelerate driving down the road. Following that, the transmission started slipping really bad. The dealer has refused to refund my money cause I went back down there at around 11 am on 4-29-13. He stated to me that it sucks to be me with a smile on his face and ordered me to leave his lot. The crazy thing is, is that the next day on 4-28-13, he advertised my car I had purchased online again stating to come take a look, this car and transmission and engine is in proper mechanical working order although he no longer has this car for sale. Then on 4-29-13, the dealer again advertised my car online for sale, wording the add differently about how great of a car that it is and to come down and take a look. I have all 3 adds he posted online and also printed them out. This guy knowingly lied about the condition of the car while selling it. The adds he posted over and over proves he is not only making false advertisement statements about this car but is doing so by "Baiting and switching" This guy is a serious crook and I am positive he will screw other people over and has screwed many people over before and after me. I really hope to see this man go to jail.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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