Angel Collins

The first email I received on a Piano I was selling on Craigslist in texas was this:

Can I know the condition of the item and the price? Many Thanks. My info is below.


I responded:

Apr 27 (2 days ago)

to jenkins336, craigslist
(long description)..........................$3500. I can arrange a time to show you the piano this weekend if you would like, do you have any other questions? Thank you!

Which I then received within 5 minutes:

I am willing to pay the asking price, Can you get back to me with some
close up pictures of this item.My Mover will be coming for the pick up
once the payment clears, Payment will be through PayPal which i
believe is safe and secure for both of us, I will take care of the
PayPal charges in the payment. Kindly get back to Me with your PayPal
email id so that I can send your payment ASAP.Get back to me with the
following Answers:

Are you the first owner of it?
Why are you selling it?
When have you been using it?
And the amount you are willing to sell it?

Many Thanks.

I responded:

Could you call me to arrange details? (#)
I don't mind using PayPal but I always ask to speak to the person over the phone before payment due to craigslist being such an expanse website im always careful :) and I can send you some photos in about an hour I am going to run by the storage unit with my camera.
Thank you

5 minutes later I received a text message from phone # (218) 656-1532
"Hi, this is Angel, Can you please get back to me with any question you may have here as I have just emailed you and I am on my way to work."

I responded and after a short conversation I sent my paypal email address, asking "Angel Collins" to call me with personal details before I would accept any sort of payment. "Angel Collins" told me he was local, though he was not obviously, (and I found out later was asking a mover from California to come by my house and pick it up, the scammer must have been running so many scams that they did not realize that the Piano was being sold in Texas.)

I realized the moment after I sent my paypal address that I was being an idiot and shut my account down before he could possibly deposit any funds and I would have to dispute it and all that. My account was shut down at 12:20 pm on 04/27/12. At 1:23 PM I received an email from "paypal":

"> Hello &&&&,
> A temporary hold has been place on your fund,follow the verification procedure below so we can release the fund to your account
> The payment has been deducted from the buyer's account but will not show up in your account balance due to the temporary hold placed on it.The total fund is been held at our fund verification team desk for verification due to the large amount of money involved.Below is the verification procedure you are to follow before we can release the total sum of $4,500.00 USD which is on hold to your account.
> Fund Verification Procedure
> 1:You are to send the added shipping fee upfront to the shipping agent's name and address below via Western Union at any of their offices or go to and click send money if you want to send it online with your debit or credit card without stress.
> 2:Forward the Western Union money transfer confirmation copy to us at
> ,after sending the shipping fee online or the scanned copy of the Western Union receipt if the shipping fee was sent at a Western Union office so we can proceed in our verification process and release the total fund to your account few minutes after we get the requirement from you.
> Note:The Buyer will not be permitted to reverse the fund before or after you have sent the shipping fee of $900.00 USD to the shipping agent's name and address below via Western Union.This means that you are also safe and secure by sending the shipping fee upfront to complete this transaction.
> U.S.A.

> Fund Verification Team are to verify all transactions and make sure both the buyer and seller are safe and secure.Contact us through our email:

> if you have any inquiry as regards this transaction or any transaction."

Then in my spam box I also had this email:


Apr 27 (2 days ago)

to me, bcc: me
Dear &&&,

You have an Instant Payment of $4,500.00 from Angel Collins (

Payment Details

Purchased From: &&&
Transaction ID: 4UN65923VN089111H
Transaction Date: 04:27:2013

Merchandise Number Merchandise Title Quantity Price Subtotal
Not Available
Piano 1 $3,500.00

Transport Company ( First Class Service ):

Western Union Or Money Gram Transfer Charges: $100.00

Total: $4,500.00

Important Note : This is to confirm to you that the said amount has been successfully transferred by Angel Collins ( and has been deducted from her PayPal account and is ready to be credited into your account (&&&& For the fact that this Payment has been subjected to be a Payment for a MERCHANDISE purchased from you, we reserve the right to make sure this transaction is safe and secured also to verify the legitimacy level on this transaction because of the high Sum of funds involved.

The above sum has included the transport charges and taxes as we and the Transport Company quoted for the buyer (as per PayPal® MERCHANDISE PAYMENT POLICY). You will receive a Message from the PayPal Customer Verification Department Shortly informing you on how to send the shipping charges and taxes to the transport company with the above details as soon as possible.

Due to the fact that PayPal processes thousands of orders daily, PayPal recommends you contacting the Customer Support Representative that has been assigned to this particular order directly at (

Get Verified – Your Key to More Security and Free Features
Get Verified and help increase the security of your PayPal transactions for yourself and for everyone with whom you do business. You can also:

Fund purchases directly from your checking or savings account, in addition to using credit cards
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Get Verified!

Your monthly account statement is available anytime; just log in to your account at /HISTORY . To correct any errors, please contact us through our Help Center at .
Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the Help link located in the top right corner of any PayPal page.
To receive email notifications in plain text instead of HTML, update your preferences here .
Thank you for using PayPal !
The PayPal Team.

PayPal Email ID PP407"

After not responding and basically dropping it with a "oh well" type of attitude, I received an email and a text message after this as well at 2:30 am, from "Angel Collins":

"Hi, I have sent Your payment and I expect You to have an email from
PayPal for confirmation, I will suggest you check your PayPal email
in-box or Spam email folder for their emails.I want you to know that i
added an extra fee of $900 to the total payment which I need you to
send to the agent coming for the pick up and it needs to be sent via
Western Union or Money Gram as that's the only way My pick up agent
can get it.I am sorry i should have informed You but I only got the
urgent message from the pick up agent that They will need the funds
before.They can come and pick up when I was about making the payment.I have
notified PayPal of the procedures so there will be no problem.I also
added $100 for the Western Union or Money Gram charges. Please help Me
to send the pickup agent fee to My pickup agent and get back to me if there's
anything You need to know more so I will need your home address for
the pickup of the item.Below is the pickup agent information...


The first message of 8 texts said "extra fee of $650" but then he sent another 8 exact that said "extra fee of $900" exact same text, guess he forgot who he was texting in the many scams he was running. haha. Like I said, this piano was being sold in Texas and he wanted a mover in California to move it. What an idiot.
Anyways, the other email I received this morning was images which I did not load but from an email address labeled:

"Subject: 517266152


10:15 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
Images are not displayed. Display images below - Always display images from"

Country: USA   State: All USA

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