Clear Wire Wireless Internet Access

They have slowed my internet connection to a snails pace. I have been on an unlimited plan for over a year. The internet speed was fast. In mid april it slowed down to a snails pace and my computer freezes up. I have talked to there technical support -4-28 and 4-29-2013 and they have verified is not a problem with my computer . I have tested it on all three of my computers, still slow. I asked them if the less expensive plan they are advertising has a limited internet monthly use and they verified that plan is slowed down once you reach the limit usage of the plan. The first representative also verified that my plan was unlimited and should not be affected by this promotion. However the clearwire modem I have used to show a consistant signal of 4 to 5 lights and now -after extensive test with their tech people it consistantly displays 2 to 3 lights. I am paying for a unlimited plan and they have treated my connection like it is there Promotional Plan for $34.99. All the Clearwire-from over seas- techs keep telling me that 2 to 3 lights is fine. Obviously they are not authorized to comment or make adjustments to my speed. I will publisize this in every internet public forums and sites, I can, starting with Facebook. If the FCC does not immediately address this out right Robbery, I will contact Congressman and every agency in Washington DC that will listen. I am disabled/Diabetic and the slow connection has interfered with my prescription medicines,-Insulin- health care communications, my on line banking and more.

Country: USA   State: WA   City: Bellevue   Zip: 98005
Address: 1475 120th Avenue NE
Phone: 4252167600,42521679008778586088,7049712300

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