When I searched my name in google, I was shocked to find mugshots of my on the website bustedmugshots.com. The reason why I was so upset was that my mugshot was taken three years ago. How can an individual move on with their lives when a website profits on their past. Here is the story of Deception, Lies, and Deceit with Extortion on the side…..

When I saw my mugshot on bustedmugshots.com I immediately searched for ways to remove my mugshot. Bustedmugshots.com offers three options for mugshot removal. Option 1: Basic Removal Option that may take up to 20 business days for the record to no longer appear on our website, with an administrative fee of $98 will be assessed for removal. Option 2: Rush Removal option where the mugshot will be removed in 2 business days and bustedmugshots.com will request for your image to be removed from other search engines. Option 3: Free Removal where you can qualify to remove your mugshots for free if:
• Had all charges dismissed, or
• Been found not guilty, or
• Had their record expunged by the court, or
• Passed away, or
• Been underage at the time of arrest

After reading all of the options, I determined that I did not qualify for the free removal since my charges were not dismissed, I was found guilty, my record was not expunged, I am very much alive, and I was of age when the incidents occurred. After going through the qualification list, I had to choose a paying option. I decided to rush the removal for a cost of $178 because my husband is now in a custody battle and we are concerned for his child’s health. I do not want my past to jeopardize my husband’s child and future. After submitting the transaction, I searched myself again. There I was, it turns out the $178 only removes one photo from their website, not all of them. I emailed, I searched for a phone number, but to no avail was I contacted or able to locate a contact phone number for bustedmugshots.com. I finally found a number on a complaint blog and called them. I was informed by a rude customer associate and manager that I didn’t have to pay. I had the option to choose the free removal. It was my fault and I will not be given a refund by them. I explained to them not only did their website not list any contact number, but I did not qualify for the free option based on their description of their policy. The manager said, “well you should have called.” I asked how I could have called when they do not list their number on their website and they are closed on Saturday. He said it was my fault that I paid. This is a so called company that not only lacks adequate customer service, but is out right unethical in how they do business. They are deceptive on their website and lie about their qualification of their mugshots removal process. They are deceitful to their customers’ faces, have no intentions of listing truthful information on their website, and take pride in extorting money from consumers. This company needs to be shut down and all of their victims need to be reimbursed.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8008492878
Site: www.bustedmugshots.com

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