Michael Rizzo

Was contacted through the Christian Mingle on-line dating site by this man using the profile name Softcoolheart. He claimed to be a civil engineer, 48 years old, who is self employed. As we corresponded via the site for a while he was very polite, well versed in Christian language and lifestyle. He said his wife died 5 years ago of cancer and had a daughter, Lisa who lived with his wife's sister in Florida. He claimed the be born in Italy on May 17. 1965 and moved to the US to live with his uncle when he was a young boy after his parents died. He speaks with a foreign accent but was rather articulate and sent me daily emails which were very poetic. I'm sure that they are the same emails he has sent to other women he has been scamming simultaneously. He seemed to be a very gentle, considerate Christian man so our friendship moved from the site to personal email, text and phone calls. We "fell in love" and every week he would tell me that he was coming to see me soon. He began to talk to me about a big project that he was bidding on and needed to fund. We talked in detail about the project, the project specs and potential of him getting the job. It all sounded very legitimate since I have family members in similar professions. As he read the requirements for the project he detailed that he was responsible showing initial funding to get the bid. So the story of how he scammed me out of over $10,000 begins. The cell phone number he used with me is (203) 632-9064 which is based in Beacon Falls, CT. His voice is recorded on the message. The reception during our telephone conversations was usually poor. I looked on-line today (4/29) and there is a new cell number for Michael Rizzo who now lives in Springfield, IL and has the same description...civil engineer, 45-49 self-employed. The cell number is (814) 299-5163. Beware...it's probably the same guy. I hope that this helps anyone else who this guy is trying to scam. I feel big time but you don't have to. Women, we need guard our hearts from these predators. They are NOT good people. They are professional con artists. Beware of Michael Rizzo!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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