Guardian Trading Corporation

I signed up with this crowd after being pestered by phone calls for several weeks. I only signed up because they showed a great performance chart from their lay betting and they gave a written guarantee that all money, license fee and trading account funds would be refunded if they lost any of it. I paid $9,300 for a licence fee and put $1034.00 in a Betfair account for trading. At no time did the account amount exceed what I put in and went backwards to a figure of $128.00.
The "guarantee" was a joke as the company has done a runner and are unable to be contacted.
It appears that they were not just a scam as I received an email from Betfair some time after I closed my account with them to move to Universal Odds. Here is an extract from the Betfair email "Recent investigations into your Betfair Account activity indicated that your account may have been utilised to pass funds to a third party Betfair account via the matching of bets on our exchange at non-market prices." I could not get Betfair to comment as to whether this action was illegal, but I assume it is theft, they were skimming funds from my account, the full amount that was skimmed, I am not aware of but Betfair managed to trap about $271.00 which they returned to me. My thanks to Betfair for doing that for a client that had already closed his account. Anyone else who had a Betfair account may not be aware that this had been going on.
My contact in GTC was Aaron Freeman from whom I received about 2 phone calls (my only contact with GTC) and the "guarantee" was signed with the name
Adam Hazzel. One can only speculate that GTC will set up a new scam operation and find some retired people and pensioners to scam out of their retirement savings.

Country: USA   State: QLD   City: Fortitude Valley   Zip: 4006
Address: 622 Wickham Street
Phone: 011611300883732

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