Elaine Cross

I purchased 2 hearing aids for the cost of 2599.98 plus plus 2 special modes for another $70.00.
Thomas Ippolito was the person that sold me the aids, but I had to back so many time trying to get them set right. I was still having problem and my time and Tom's didn't agree, so I make my appointment with Elaine at 11:00 AM. on march 19,2013
AT 11;10 she call me in. I told her the new mold for the left ear didn't the have a hole in it that should be there. Elaine said you don't need that, then I said what it for to let air in to keep your ear dry, Elaine said it's so you can hear better. My response then was I want the hole put in, Elaine went out and come back and said it got it through. but it may not stay. Elaine said I'm running out of time, my response was that't your problem not mine. I said I want a new mold or you can have the aids back and I will get them some where else, Elaine response was their out of warranty and I said no. Then she said I'll have order them. Which Tom did. Now theirs works find . I fill Elaine is not a person to be working with the public. Dorothy Slusser- 1(Personal Information Removed). E-mail (Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: WA   City: Issaquah   Zip: 98027
Address: 999 Lake Drive
Phone: 8007742678,4253138100
Site: www.costco.com

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