Tyshone Pringle

I was hired to take pictures by Tyshone (which he was going by Shawn at that time) on 2/16/13. He asked me to be at the venue he was shooting a new TV show for VH1 called "The Big Break" (which turned out to be a fake show that VH1 has never heard of, and has no affiliation with) at 4:30pm and he only needed me for a few hours to take some pictures. The shoot was suppose to be over around 7:30pm and I agreed. Well...the show ran way past the time agreed didn't end until 12am the next morning and he finally paid me around 2am with a check I didn't know I was getting. Shawn, well Tyshone said I would get cash, because of the problem I had from his last check that took over three weeks to cash because of a problem he said with his account. Nevertheless, I took the check because he insisted that the money was there, plus, what was I to do, the work was already done. Well, needless to say, Monday morning he sent me an email (as did before) saying once again the venue over charged him and the check will not be cleared until the following week. I've been calling and texting Tyshone and every week he says next week and when the day come, he comes up with another excuse. I spoked to Shawn was on 4/21/13 and he swore on his grandmother that he would have my money Friday 4/26/13. Friday came, he text me for my information so he could Money gram or Western Union it around 12pm and I didn't hear no more from him until after 6pm when I called him and that's when he said his grandmother was in the hospital and he would send it after visiting hours (I guess visiting hours never ended). I have heard excuse from a sick family member, to a venue over drawn his account by charging him twice and my all time favorite, a death in the family. I believe one person has died at least four times. Tyshone Pringle a.k.a Shawn Pringle a.k.a Mr Pringle is nothing but a lying crook, that has apparently ripped more then me off for years now. I have learned that he has changed the names to this fake TV show and the name of his company at least 6 times. The name of the company he is going by now is the TAI'ZAI MUSIC Group (Unless he has changed it again) This clown really needs to be stop.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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