Awhydra*White & BFWhite*Fast

I ordered a "Trial tooth whitening" offer.I paid about £2-50 for the 2 trial packs and followed soon after by a second box. Thes contained similar items which, though instructions were clear, they were not very
inspiring. Just after this I fell ill - I am well into my eighties and am a war disability pensioner from the Royal Navy.
Imagine my surprise when I recovered and found that the two companies were still taking money fron my Visa card.
I have closed the Visa a/c but just before that took effect, they took another £60 plus.
I can't afford that sort of money, even if it were sucesssful. Can you help me recover the money or at leat part of it?

Docusk UK

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8558404928,8669132654,8558491954

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