WindStream ISP

I chose windstream as my ISP because I was drawn in by their speed and low monthly cost for DSL and even a home phone....I was told with the extra add on of Norton back up and V protection my bill for everything would be 61.00 a month. My bill EVERY month is between 84-89.00 but can never get a stright answer as to why or what the extra amount is.....I am in touch with windstream on a daily basis because there an outtage or broadband issue in my area....When I get to talk to someone which does not happen often....they can never tell me anything but that they know I am not getting the speed I am paying for but there is nothing they can do about it....When I tryed to share the chat log with a "higher up" to show their employee or company admitted to the knowlage of over charging me.... and I am paying for something I am not getting anyway....What can I do? They are not listed with the BBB....and I had to sign a 24 month contract so I cant go get a new provider....I just dont know what to do...they are no help...I googled Windstream complaints and OMG.....There we so many...did not find a single positive review.....I am in Arkansas and even in other states people have the same issue as I...So I just dont know what to do....

Country: USA   State: Arkansas   City: Little Rock   Zip: 72212
Address: 4001 Rodney Parham Road
Phone: 5017487000,5016872870,8778079463,8663471991,8003471991,3309631911

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