An apparent female with an innocuous name, Mary. Stated she wanted a western mate and chose me. She made contact with me first. We chat. And send letters. Every time she ended a letter she would attach a photograph....the limited number or selections of photos I thought was odd, because, she said, " I OWN A STRING OF RESTAURANTS ALL OVER SHENZEN." I asked, "Honey do you have a smartphone?" She said yes, an Iphone. I asked her to simply take a self picture of herself and I would do the same when I showered the next morning - I wanted to show off a bit I said. POOF! She disappeared like a Vampire at sunrise! But right before this happened, I got an email from an interpreter indicating that my last email to my lady had been delayed because SHE the Interpreter had a bad cold or flu. WHAT!?!! I had seen the pictures of the crew that did the interpreting on each letter, it was always different! And to think that a business grinds to a halt because someone gets sick. I am suspicious now. But I bumped into someone in a forum discussing these scams. They advise me, that the interpreter did NOT have any additional pictures to show me! That, this person may also have been new on the job. I also notice that the chat REALLY takes too they are trying to burn up your credits. In closing, SAME PICTURES OVER AND OVER AND OVER; UNWILLING TO TAKE ANY NEW/CURRENT PHOTOS EVEN THOUGH WOMEN CHAT AND WRITE AND RECEIVE MAIL FOR FREE ON ALL THE MAJOR SITES.

Country: USA   State: Shatin   City: Hong Kong
Address: Unit 1317-1318, 13/F, Delta House, , 3 On Yiu Street, ,

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