Farmers National Bank, Buhl, ID

Last Friday April 13, 2013 I leaned that my home on (Personal Information Removed)
was in foreclosure. The reason I found out is because the Kanaka Rapids
Ranch HOA president called my property manager C.J. Investments in Twin
Falls, ID. On June 2012 I moved to Texas to a job offer in Agriculture, my
profession. I rented the home in Hidden Canyon to pay the mortgage,
insurance and taxes, which I am presently current. However, after I moved to
Texas I left a debt with Farmers National Bank of $2000. Farmers National
Bank never appropriately inform to the home tenants (at Hidden Canyon), the
house manager in Twin Falls or me (in Texas) of any court proceedings. It
came to the surprise to all of us that the home is currently in auction
pending foreclosure. All parties were in communication on a weekly basis. We
were never served court papers. Taking advantage of our unawareness and with
malice intent, Farmers National Bank continued with the legal action to this
point and now is asking almost 3 times the amount owed to stop the legal
proceeding or $5,500 on May 10th. Amount I consider excessive and dishonest.
Also, there is not enough time to process a loan, which takes minimum 30 days due to bank rules and regulations. To this point Farmers National Bank refuses to negotiate and/or to stop the legal proceedings despite we inform them of the current circumstances. The bank has no moral or legal right to put a house in foreclosure for an insignificant amount of $2000 dollars!
This situation concerns me because:
1. The bank is asking for $5500 for a $2000 debt a 150% markup
2. The bank never served any court papers to me, the tenants or the home management
3. After sending the first payment the sheriff serves an auction notification
4. The bank is selling a $300,000 pkus home for $2000 dolllars?
It must to be desperate for money, incredible consumers need to go thought this with no protection from the law.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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