This internet business presents itself as an investigative agency to help collect data that will help an individual who has been unfairly treated by the police. The owner Dipoa Kamau, is a former cop, reportedly, and gives a sense of urgency to send them a check, in my case $600 so they can help identify what laws, rights, etc., have been violated as to police procedure, etc. After they cashed the check I was told to fax them documents and that someone would talk with me after reviewing them. There was next to no contacts and nothing reported by this company related to my case. They would schedule conference calls and then never call. I wrote to ask for a report of the time and activity spent on my case and got nothing. That I did at least twice, and during a last conversation with Kamau, that they needed the money to help people who were in more urgent need of help and could not afford to pay for it. I never agreed to donating my money to someone else's case. Mr. Kamau lied to another web site where he said my case was from three years ago. He must have poor records, since my cancelled check shows it was on January 2, 2012. I want my money refunded. This man is "police abuse" artist, and conned me into sending him a substantial amount of money. His practice is to slander who ever complains about him, usually claiming they are mentally unbalanced. Mr. Kamau has no proof of such since that claim does not exist. I would caution anyone from sending this man money. He actually had the nerve to suggest I hire his staff to prepare legal documents for me, at $250 an hour when he produced nothing from the $600 I sent to him. I believe I am entitled to a full refund. I have a copy of the cancelled check to prove the date I sent it, as an email payment which they said they could get access to my funds through a process with email. Seems this is a crime, and a felony act because of the amount of money involved.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8004735097ext1
Site: www.policeabuse.com

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