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I was provided a "free travel voucher" from a third party company as a promotional offer. The travel voucher explained the details of the travel rules developed by Smart Travel and Incentives. I read through these rules carefully and repeatedly. The rules explained that an air ticket for two adults within the continental US will be awarded. It was emphasized that the travel is from the nearest airport and must be used within the continental U.S. I filled out the form and sent it to Smart Travel and Incentives together with my $100 money order. About 4 weeks later I received correspondence from Smart Travel and Incentives, in which for the first time they informed me that I must select the departure and arrival airports based on a special airport list, according to their referenced website. This particular website lists about 30 airports within the continental U.S. that customers can choose from, while according to there are 5170 airports in the U.S. open to the general public. Accordingly, Smart Travel and Incentives provides a greatly limited travel opportunity, unless the given costumer happens to live in one of the 30 identified cities, or nearby. I live in El Paso, TX, which has an international airport, but is not on the list of the reference website. According to that website the nearest available airport option would be Phoenix, AZ or San Antonio, TX, both of which would require either an air ticket to travel to, or at minimum a half-day drive. Accordingly, the bait-style advertisement of the fake travel agency "Smart Travel and Incentives" alludes the free travel service provided anywhere within the continental U.S., but to begin with their restrictions make it virtually impossible for the majority of the U.S. population to receive a fair service from this company. Clearly, this company is used unfair and dirty tactics to rip people off and provide little to no benefits along the free travel promises.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Port Orange   Zip: 32129-7453
Address: 4606 S Clyde Morris Blvd, Ste 1E
Phone: 4075621891

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