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I received an e-mail that looked like it was from my daughter-in-law recommending Garcinia Cambogia. My husband and I went to the website and decided to try it. The original offer included 3 bottles for $149.98. I almost changed my mind when I saw the price. When I tried to close the site, it changed the offer to 5 bottles for $99.98. We decided to order the 5 bottles, figuring it would probably cost a comparable price at the health food store and promised a 100% money back guarantee if we were not happy with the results. The product arrived about 2 weeks later. After receipt we noticed that it contained 50 mg of potassium, which was not listed on the website as an ingredient of the product. Because of medications we are on, we cannot take the product. Since there was no "return label" supplied with the product, I called the customer service number, 877-763-0272, on the e-mail confirmation we received so I could verify the return address. I spoke with Shay, whom I could barely understand, and there was so much background noise and that I could hardly hear. She verified my customer number and account information. I told her it sounded like she was in a room with 1000 people talking or that she was riding in a car with intermittent dead spots. She also kept interrupting me so it was difficult to communicate clearly. She asked me to end the call and call back for a better connection. I called the same number back and talked to Amy. The same bad connection and difficulty understanding her dialect as well. I asked her if she was located in the United States. She said "yes, absolutely". She told me to hang up and call a differerent number, 855-978-6683 for a better connection. "Miraculously", I got another Amy. She took my customer number and then put me on Hold. After 5 minutes on Hold, I hung up and called the phone number on my credit card statement with the transaction description 8668015395 FITENERGY, 866-801-5395. I spoke with Melanie, same problems with dialect, background noise and interruptions. When I explained we needed to return the product for medical reason she offered me a 10% discount. When I told her that didn't help us because we could not take the product, she offered me a 15% discount. Again I explained we could not take the product and the discount would not help us, that the website promised a 100% money back guarantee and we needed to return the product. She continued to argue with me and read the website description of the product when I told her potassium was not listed in the ingredients on the website. I asked to talk to the supervisor several times and she said every time that the supervisor was not available. She finally told me I could return the product but there was a restocking fee of $5.95 for each bottle, totaling $29.75. I asked her to show me on the website where it gives the consumer that information and then I would authorize the debit. She argued that it was company policy. I told her if she could not show me that I would not authorize the debit and would file a complaint. (Keep in mind this was all with the continued background noise, dialect issues and interruptions mid-sentence). She finally gave me a return address of PO BOX 912642 ST. GEORGE, UTAH 84791 with an RMA#1090430-10572. She said it would take 8-10 days for the return to be received, then 7-10 days for the credit to show on my statement, less the re-stocking fee of $5.95 per bottle.(Something else I find odd is that the offer was for $99.98 online, the shipping label shows $100.00, and the charge on my statement is $99.99...only pennies difference, but why??)I'm almost afraid to return the product for fear I'll never see my credit, but we can't take the product anyway, and I'm almost afraid of what might be in it now. I can't believe I got SCAMMED! I thought I was too smart for that! I will NEVER order anything online again!!

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8559786683,8777630272

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