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This is still so embarrassing that I fell for the very scam that I was warning someone else about.d

I was told at first: Company name was, or

While trying to track this individual, I have seen addresses in LA and or ventura, CA

I was looking for a loan, online when I received a call from a "Marty Dawson," AKA, Eric Olson. I was to be getting a loan for $3,000, but in order to get that I had to pay a fee, or actually a "payment upfront in good faith" I told him I wanted my loan sent to my bank... Bank of America. Apparently B of A was not on there list of approved banks. My second red flag.... He was smooth! I was to go to the money gram place, not western union, but money gram.

I was given specific intructions on what to say while sending this. That I was sending money to a friend in order for them to pay for services provided. He, Eric was adamant that I stay on the phone with him during the transaction. I was in such need of a loan, I allowed my emotion to override my intellect. Which I really am full of common sense! I ended getting disconnected due to poor reception.

Eric called me back and stated who did you sent it to to?? I stated, Marty Dawson. He stated, "who's Marty Dawson" I said, "you", He stated, my name is Eric Olson, and I told you to make it out Mark Wermer"

I had to go back in and explain that I put the wrong name on the recipient section. The walmart worker called the money gram and changed the name. Eric said he would be calling me back within 20 min. An hour went by and I called Eric's cell number, a woman picked up and was at first very short and rude. Then she became nice and told me that Eric was at the federal reserve and he would be sending me my money shortly. Another hour went by and then Eric called and said, "how did I write my name on the money gram sheet?" I stated, "Kelly D Fritz" He stated, "on the receipt it read, Kelly Fritz, and that was in conflict with the loan papers. I ask him what the hell my missing middle initial had anything to do a loan?, That I have the proof of the sheet made out, and it read my full name and initial. He stated, "We can not complete this loan until it reads Kelly D Fritz. I said I would go an have her fill out another one." Then I was told that I would have to send in another payment. I said, no way. I asked to speak with the supervisor.... which was to no avail....

Everyone that I talked to common American names, yet some of them, you could tell there were middle eastern Indian, and were terrible with the English language.

I was told I could request my money back or wait and as soon as I came up with the extra 269.00 that I could then get my loan.

There phone number was 323-739-7071

Since this I have been slammed with phone calls where they want to give me up to $10,000 or more from phone numbers all over the US. Most of them are VoIP phones.

Please contact me with any information. My home number is 239-303-1344

I lost a total of $269.00, but then because I used the remainder of my money, my checking acct took a nose dive with a whole bunch of

Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Spartanburg   Zip: 29306
Address: 135 N. Church Street
Phone: 3237397071,8189451425,8883104238,8645155600,9097520259,3603226539,8503911555

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