Saphire E-Cigarette

I saw the Saphire E-Cig ad posted on the sidebar of facebook, free cigarette for the cost of shipping and handling: $4.95. I clicked on the ad and proceeded to their website. Sure enough, that is exactly what the ad said, only pay shipping and handling for the cigarette. So I ordered one. Well here it is 2 weeks later and my bank account was charged an additional $99.67. Well that overdrew my account (we are living on a fixed income). Anyway, I immediately called Saphire E-Cig Company and the gentleman (Will) I spoke with told me "yes ma'am you agreed to those terms and conditions when you purchased the cigarette." I specifically asked him where that was listed and he said, "terms and conditions." I then told him I had read the terms and conditions (wanted to know if there were any hidden fees, etc.) to which he replied "Oh, no it was on the ad page itself." I then told him I didn't see that listed there either and he then told me it was in the small print at the bottom of the ad. Well, hell's bells I would have never ordered this cigarette had I known the conditions that were put on it. He then assured me I could keep the cigarette and they would only charge half the money for it. I assured him I wasn't interested in keeping his e-cig because I already had two that were an almost identical match from another company and I got both of them for less than $50. He finally gave me a return product # and gave me the address to return the e-cig. He assured me that once they received it and deducted the cost of whatever I have used I would get my money back. Will have to wait and see about that. I only used one cartridge. But now I'm out another $5.00 (because I'm going to insure this damned thing for $100.00) to get my $99.67 back or what they deem is reasonable. Please everyone, steer clear of this company . . . IT'S A TOTAL RIPOFF!!!!! Thanks for listening to my rant.
Ruth Edwards

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas   Zip: 89107
Address: 48 N. Rainbow Blvd. , Suite #4371
Phone: 8008870175,8005608417

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