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My boyfriend deposited $900.00, to secure a $5000.00 loan. This was after Sandi Belle assured him,

“Ohhh nooooo Wayne, this is not a scam, my goodness no!”

When the $5000.00, in which she promised him would be deposited within 2 hours, was not deposited at all, he called back.

“Well Wayne, you see, the lender is asking for more money. If you deposit $600.00 more I PROMISE the $5000.00 will be deposited into your account. I see it sitting there now. Your money is there waiting for you Wayne!”

“Ummm babe,” I say, “pretty sure you are being scammed.”

My boyfriend calls back and asks for his $900.00 back. Sandi Belle tells him that it will take 3-6 weeks for it to be returned. She continues to try and persuade him to send more money, at which point she has the audacity to say,

“Ask your girlfriend to give it to you. Why won’t she help you get your $5000.00?”

“What did she just say?????” I grab the phone. “Let me talk to her!”

Sandi Belle said she didn’t like the tone in which I was speaking, and hung up in my ear.

No Sandi!!!! What you didn’t like you little #$%^$!! Is that I didn’t fall for your scam and called you on it!

Needless to say, and of course,my boyfriend did not get his money back. The number in which Sandi Belle could be reached has been disconnected. The website is no longer, and Sandi Belle has a nice little chunk of cash in her pocket.

Sorry to anyone else this has happened to.


Country: USA   State: AB   City: Calgary
Address: Address Not Yet on File
Phone: 8552777813

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