Atlas Premier Lending

I applied for a 'debt consolidation" loan from this company.

I received documentation as to terms and conditions etc. (10 pages worth). I read each page and fine print before signing anything.
As i did not have a co-signer of 700 credit rating or higher, or a vehicle of 5 years old or less. to use as collateral; I paid their
"collateral deposit" of 3 months payments up-front. ($540 can.) they were then to deposit my loan money into my bank account. The funds were not there when they had said and I was asked to pay half of the "insurance" fee so that if i was to default on the payments; they would receive the money from their insurance company. This amount of $450 (can) was sent. After talking my case worker "Simone McKinnon" (phone # 1-888-990-9939 ext. 382)
After a later chat with Ms.Mckinnon; she told me that there was a problem with the computer and that 15 new accounts had been placed as "re-borrow" status. (mine was one of these 15.) which had to be dealt with. I was also told that they are not allowed to deposit loans without the full insurance being paid. (total of $960)
I paid the other $510. as requested. I have since been trying to call to find out where my loan money is and why i have not received anything.
I have called all three phone #s on a daily basis and all i get is an answering machine. they do not answer the phone; nor do they return calls. Yesterday (April 24th @ 8:30am) I called Ms.Mckinnon and got hold of her. As soon as i told her my name the call was disconnected.
I called her back; just to get her answering machine once again.
the other 2 phone #'s i have are "customer service" 1-888-418-9997. I also have the "manager's" number 1-855-854-2520.

Please help me get my money back!! I have copies of all their requested paperwork as well as receits for all money sent and to whose name. (Via Moneygram).

My name is Cheryl. (e-mail:](Personal Information Removed)])

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8889909399ext382,8884189997,8558542520

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