Valvoline Instant Oil Change

First, I am Susie Lake a 59 year old Native American, All my life I lived on The Navajo Reservation so,I order to get my vehicle service done I have to go 150, miles to the surrounding cities like Flagstaff, Gallup or Farmington NM.

March 28, 2013 I took my Dodge Durango for an oil change, while there I chatted with Charotte. I told her about had some repair done which was ball joint replacement and tire replacement. She stated I shouldn't trust Jiffy Lube, that they had alot complaints about their work. At that time she recommended that I get the Diff. both front and back oil change,and transmission oil also,Since I had some money I decided to have them change engine,transmission and diff. oil change including lube, costing $389.28. While waiting I was a little nervous, But the manager came in stated they were at the top of their profession and I was in good hands. With that I felt at ease.

On April 2, 2013, we returned to Flagstaff because transmission oil was low. My Son csme with me and stated the transmission oil smell, and why they charge me alot. She said it was because it was special oil just for dodge, but when refilling she just put in the floor barrel oil in. My Son comment that if it was special oil why was she putting in the floor barrel oil, she didn't like that comment.we went on our way. After leaving their business, we went to Econe Lube to check how they change out transmission oil. The tech. explain they change the filter and clean the pan for about same amount of money.

April 19, 2013 returned to Flagstaff again because frontend started makin noise. Turn out that they didn't grease the ball joint, so I ask them to grease it. The Manager Tyler Kimler himself went underneath to grease it. I assume he did. I ask if the noise will go away, He said maybe or maybe not, so I went home.

April 20, The noise got worst so I ask my son who came to visit to see if he can find out what was making the noise. After putting the vehicle on the ramp. we both went underneath. and there was grease everywhere except there was no grease inside the boot of the ball joint. The driverside boot was also torn, and transmission cooler line was also leaking which he didn't say anything about that. I called Valvoline business at 1:16pm for 5:16 seconds my son talk with him about not having any grease on the ball joint, he swear he did. But If he had done his job right the first time he would have notice the tare on the boot, and leaking transmission line. Pictures were taken April 20, 2013 that same afternoon we went to Kayenta Arizona to get some grease on the ball joint and get a verification from another mechanic. The mechaic at Alon Service Station (928) 697-3024 inspected underneath and stated there was no grease on the balljoint, he notice the tare on the boot and also the transmission line leak.He grease the ball joint. Before and after pictures were taken again. The mechanic wrote note about what he did. I ask as professional mechanic is he able to see if the ball joint were replaced, he stated YES, very visible.
We called the Valvoline 800-327-8242 at 2:37 pm for 7:42 seconds and reported thier business, they said they were going to call within 24 hours, which has not happen yet. So we given them enough time.

The worst part of this, the Manager is not doing the job he's paid tp do. I could understand if it was someone that new to the job. So really there is no excuse for disgracing the Valvoline business.

April 22, 2013 we went Page Arizona Big O, to get another ball joint replacment. Work was very good there, no noise. Paid another $571.38 correcting these repairs. including front brake work.

We invest a lot in our vehicles, they are not CHEAP, and all we want is our vehicle to take us from point A to point B safely, without breaking down on us.

I feel I was cheated bad, I hear alot Native American Women telling stories like this, but not many do anything about it. So maybe its a start with me. I never though this would happen to me.
Right now I'm paying the price for trusting this business. I like for them to pay me back for repairs, miles, and my own sanity.

I made three round trips (930) miles to Flagstaff, one round trip to kayents Arizona (110) miles, and one round trip(220) miles to Page Arizona to make correction on my vehicle.

Please help me.


Susie (Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Lexington   Zip: 40512
Address: P.O. Box 14000
Phone: 8003278242

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