Loan Depot

In November of 2012, while shopping for a refinance of my home mortgage I gave Loan Depot my credit card # to have a home appraisal. Within a week Citibank fraud unit called me. Someone was attempting to use my card in Chicago. IL. The very next day Lifelock called me to say someone from Loan Depot was attempting to get a home loan on my house. Queries to Loan Depot were answered with the;y new nothing about it. I had made not committment to them and was getting quotes from several different companies. When I got my next statement on my existing mortgage I found they had, twice, requested a payoff figure from my present lender causing me a $30 charge for each. I requested an investigation of their people who had access to my information they refused. They then cancelled our negotiations stating I was unable to verify my income. I had provided everything they had asked for and they scheduled an escrow signing. The next month I found out they had contacted my insurance company and, using my personal information had removed my present loan company as a beneficiary and put Loan Depot as the sole beneficiary on my homeowners insurance policy. Since then I have been deluged with up to 3 phone calls a day with every sweepstakes imaginable. My phone is on the no call list. My latest call came today. I can't ignore the phone and the caller ID gives no indication. When I call them up on their scam and try to get off their list I have been subjected to the most vile cussing out I have ever heard.(Content Removed). This has been constant since Loan Depot got my personal information. They would give me no information of these actions, denied them and adamantly refused to do any investigation of their personnel or operations. This has been, and still is, a daily stressful experience and without the diligence of Citibank fraud unit and Lifelock I would have experienced complete Identity theft. The problem is they are still out there and they still have my personal information causing me to fear the next attack that could come at any time. They refuse to even acknowledge the possibility that someone in their organization could be responsible an won't bother to check.

Country: USA   State: California   City: Foothill Ranch   Zip: 92610
Address: 26642 Towne Centre Drive
Phone: 8883376888

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