Park Chevrolet

Park Chevrolet
6641 North Tyron Street
Charlotte NC

January 11, 2013 I went to Park Chevrolet Dealership on North Tyron to buy my first car as a young man. I am working and trying to better myself so I thought I would go and establish some credit. I was approached by one of their Sale Consultant ( Karin Kouyate) asking if I am looking for a dependable car. I replied yes that is why I came to a dealership and not a buy here pay here. The Sales Consultant said you came to the right place. He asks me what kind of car I was looking for and my price range. He said I have the right car for you and Mr. Kouyate pulled around a car. It was a 2012 Impala we went for a test drive. We came back and we started doing the paper work for the Impala. The other sale manager (Mr. Dan) that was working with Mr. Kouyate came out side and said I am sorry we can’t let you have that car. Then Mr. Dan said we have another car on the lot for you and then they pulled down some kind of car I really did not care for. I replied (Willie [(Personal Information Removed)]) no thank you anyway. Then Mr. Dan says wait I have a car someone trade in and I would like for you to look at it. I replied where on the lot. Mr. Dan said well it has not been service yet. I replied what you mean. Mr. Dan said it was a trade in I drove it and it is in good condition. Mr. Dan said that he knew the man who traded the car in because he had two bays and they wanted something different. I was now sitting waiting and filling out the application for the car. Mr. Dan approached me and said I also have to put a mirror on the right side of the car. I called the insurance company and took out some insurance before I could pull that car off the lot. I left that day still with no car because the car had not been serviced. I called on January 15, 2013 to see if the vehicle was ready. They said it would be ready the next day. I called two days later. On January 17, 2013 I went to pick the car up from the dealership and I was on my way home and the car started jerking really bad. I turned the car around and took it back to Park Chevrolet North Carolina North Tyron Street Mr. Karin Kouyate was there also Mr. Dan and two other sale men. I went inside and I said to Mr. Dan there is something wrong with the transmission because it started jerking really bad when I was almost home. Mr. Dan said oh I know what is wrong they presser washed the engine. I said well I am sorry I cannot take this car back because something is wrong with it. I left the car with Mr. Dan. They kept the car for almost two weeks. I pick the car up again on January 22,2013. I took the Car back around February 19, 2013. I told Todd the service manager that I was having the same problem again. Once again he did something and it drove for about a week then it started jerking again I took it back because the battery went dead and the jerking had started once again. He said he checked it and they put a new another battery in the car. Never once did anyone give me a receipt or anything that stated I came to bring the car. This is the fourth time I am bringing the car back before my warranty April 10, 2013. I once again approached Todd the service manager. I said I am still having a problem with the jerking under my hood. I sat there for three hours and no one said a thing. I approached Todd and Todd told me that it was a value I got up and ask Todd could I get a rental car Todd replied: this is not Mercedes Benz. Being the young man I am I called on the name of JESUS? I REPLIED ONCE AGAIN AND SAID IS THERE ANYWAY I COULD GET A RENTAL CAR. Todd once again got smart with me and said do I need to repeat myself. I( Willie [(Personal Information Removed)])replied I am getting pissed off and Todd said if you curse me again. I replied (Willie [(Personal Information Removed)]) I have not cursed you yet. I found myself getting really upset so I left. I call on April 11, 2013 to talk to the Head manager Mr. Jaeger and he said he did not know what was going on and he need to talk to the sale people and he ask me everyone name. I told him everything and he called me back that evening and said that he talk to Todd. Mr. Jaeger said that he talked to Todd the service manager and Todd said this time when he checked the car it read transmission problem. Todd told me (Willie [(Personal Information Removed)]) it was a Value. WOW, the check engine light would not go off. They had to keep turning it off every time I took it back. I have four and half years to pay for a car I only had three months. What an experience for me JESUS. I need help please help me. I traded in a Acura and gave them 400.00 cash.
I am Willie (Personal Information Removed)I am 23 years of age. My phone number is (Personal Information Removed)
My address is Willie (Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Charlotte   Zip: 28213
Address: 6441 North Tryon Street
Phone: 7045984000,8665228992,8778611527,9809390412

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