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This company hired me as a logistics manager, had me purchase Apple computers, ship them to their home office & failed to reimburse me for the computers or the contracted pay for this work, damages totaling $18,000 US dollars. The following person & address was the receiver of the merchandise and responsable for payment of the computers:Mr Oliver Frost & Maria Fetisova
Recipient's name: Maria Fetisova
- Recipient's Address: Bliukhera 7-A, 77
- City/Country: Kiev, Ukraine.
- Zip: 04128
- Shipping method: Express Mail International
- Shipping expenses: Approximately $80 for average package
- Description: digital equipment
- Set Package value not more then $700
- No Insurance
- Right after you send off equipment, please send track numbers to me.

Also I want to mention that you should use only USPS, only Express Mail International.
Please use your credit card to pay USPS expenses.
Since it's only the first payment please make everything today without any delays.
Let me know if you have any questions or purposes.
I'll send you full equipment plan as soon as you send off equipment.
Thank you
Oliver Frost
Project manager
Light Agency
358(09) 2316 4492
1 (917) 477-7886

Here is the contract details from Mr Frost: Mr. Galiastro,
My name is Oliver Frost, I'm Senior Project manager of "Light" Agency.
I will help you to handle the last and most complex part of the hiring
process and join our team.

You have successfully passed our security and financial verification.
So right now we can forward necessary training materials and
assign you to trial projects. Training materials you'll be receiving
from Liv and I will guide you through the first projects.
Trial period last for three weeks.
Salary during that period is the same as for part-time position ($5500/month).

Here is detailed description of Supply manager position and trial period.

Salary is $5500 per month paid by check or by direct deposit every two weeks.
Additional 3 commission.

You'll receive an iphone or Blackberry as soon as you get the first payment.
In a month we'll provide MacBook Pro for your personal use.

Among your duties is getting necessary equipment for our company. Office equipment,
complex optical, photo and video equipment.
First of all I'll send you a list of necessary equipment and you'll have
to find the best seller to get that equipment, with the best price and the best delivery options.

Financial Flow:
We'll give you access to our corporate bank account. And for the
first two weeks you will be able to provide payments from our account
to any of yours credit card and use it to purchase necessary equipment.

I want to mention that we have a lot of candidates who passed the
first two steps. And we'll offer full-time position only to 14 of them.
If you complete everything without any mistakes and delays then
you'll be accepted for a part-time position and full-time position in
a three month after.
It willn't be any unexpected tasks. I will inform you about everything in
advance so you will have a time to adjust your scheduler.

Please note that we will stop cooperation with you in any of the following case:
- unexplainable delays;
- can't reach you by corporate phone (you will receive it next week);
- we don't receive any response by e-mail from you within 48 hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions or purposes.
I will send you pre-contract agreement in a several days.

Also please give me the best time and phone number to call you
tomorrow October 4 or Friday October 5 before 2 pm EST.
Awaiting on your soonest reply.
Thank you

Oliver Frost
Project manager
Light Agency
358(09) 2316 4492
1 (917) 477-7886

The banking info given to me:
Here is necessary account information and instructions.
To receive the payment please use any of your credit cards with current balance more then $3000.
Provide payment to that credit card using our bank account information:
- Bank name: Wells Fargo bank
- Routing number: 111900659
- Account number: 671066330
- Holder's name (if necessary): Please set your name, that way we detect who request the payment.
- Account type (if necessary): Business Checking
- Payment amount = your current balance. So right after you receive the payment your balance should be 0.
You allowed to make payment from $3000 to $10000.

1. You should use only credit card, not debit card, not credit/debit card.
2. You can't make payment that exceed your current balance. So please choose credit card with current balance more then $3000.
3. If you have any questions please send it to me before making a payment.
4. We recommend you to make a payment in amount near to $9-10K.

Please make payment today before 5pm.
Please send me detailed report as soon as you request the payment.

Thank you

Well with all this info I submitted, they failed to pay me for the purchases from the Wells Fargo Bank account due to non company ownership of this account and finally the collection agency I employed to serve this reciepient was unsuccessful in reaching them.
Therefore the case was closed. If you can help in any way, I would greatly appreciate it..
Frank (Personal Information Removed)

Country: USA   State: All USA

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