Scott Yancey & His Insane Way Of Doing His Marriage And His Business

I'm disgusted that I EVER allowed fools to make me believed in an organization, and a presentation, that was equal to, if not less, much less, than, used car salesmanship". Extremely disappointed. Did they think all Southerners were really, truly, stupid??? When i arrived at the first event, at The Harbor Center in Slidell, La, Honestly, I never saw their show prior to the workshop. I really wish I had seen it prior to the workshop. It would have limited my expectations, to say the least. Then, I would have known better than to disregard all of my immediate feelings, regarding your charachter in general. At this point, I honestly am extatic that I learned better, before I was gullable enough to do what your Team told me to do, which was to give you over $60,000, that most don't have, only to be fed information, that may be useful is many areas, BUT NOWHERE CLOSE TO ALL AREAS. When I met Scott and Amy in New Orleans, I got a bad vibe from Scott immediately. His dishonesty shines thru, no matter what... I realize that means NOTHING to most, BUT To those who have been blessed with a Judgement of Charachter, such as mine, im positive that you know exactly what I'm talking about, and feeling.

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas   Zip: 89135
Address: 10300 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite 13-233
Phone: 7023797600

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