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Hi this is such a scam listen to this for a laugh I received a text on 1 of my mobile phones saying I had won one million pounds I laughed & chose to ignore it as I new it was a scam did not give it any thought after that util the nest day the 20th Jan 2013 I received another text on my other mobile saying I had just won 2.5 million pounds. Now I was pissed I have heard of dumb luck but seriously winning 2 major jackpots in 1 weekend I don't think so. So I sent 2 individual e mails to the 2 separate e mail addresses the first e mail I sent I basically told them I knew this was BS & that if I was wrong then prove it I also called them out & said how incredible I find it that I was lucky enough to win 2 major jackpots in 1 weekend & that the next thing I was expecting from them was e mail telling me how to collect the cheque either by bank transfer with a fee attached or for a courier service to personally deliver the cheque to my home address with a fee attached. funnily enough I never received any further communication from them as they knew I had their number. The 2nd e mail I sent was far different from the 1st one I did say I was a sceptic but please tell me how I can collect as I was so excited & surprise surprise I get an e mail with all the couriers details I have not responded yet but will keep you posted on what happens next I will take this as far as I have to without having to shell out any money so stayed tuned.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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