Last week my husband and I purchased an HP laptop from Best Buy with the new Windows 8 already installed. A great computer and I was adjusting to the Win8, except for the mouse sensitivity and the slide bar on the right side. So I called Microsoft who said they would transfer me to Tech Support...i.e. ITechLine. The techi said it was an issue with the computer and he needed remote access. Trusting Microsoft, I allowed the remote access. The techni then told me that someone had hacked my computer and there was bad virus on the computer that was going to eat away my hard-drive if not removed. Being skeptical and only having the computer for a week, I thought this was very odd. My husband then called best buy where we purchased the computer who said we should bring the computer in and have Geek Squad register and look at it. The Itechline techi kept trying to sell my husband and I their service of removing the virus and would not disconnect remoting when we asked them too. (This was a 2 hr process). When we took the computer to Best Buy the next day, the Geek Squad Tech told us that ItechLine had actually left trackers in different files, they had disabled our Norton anti-virus and my computer was only operating at 74%. The Geek Squad was able to remove the trackers from my files, enabled Norton, and repaired my computer (another 2hr process). The only reason for my call to Microsoft was initially to ask about turning down the sensitivity of the mouse. At Geek Squad, this was a 2min process which they were glad to show me how to adjust myself. Had I fell for the SCAM of Itechline, I would have paid out $179.00 and still had a virus, which in my opinion, they installed. Go with GEEK SQUAD!!!!!!

Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Bethesda   Zip: 20817
Address: 6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300
Phone: 8884015742,8886344288,8882965002

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