Private Mortgage Funding Corporation

On Janauary 6, 2013 I received a text message from for the purchase of a house at (Personal Information Removed). I went to the property, looked at the home, completed an pre-application. On 1/09/13 I received a call from the company's represenattive with an appointment for 11am on 1/10/13. I arrived at the office which seem like a virtual office. She completed the agreement on a plain sheet of paper, no address, no phone number. I requested a business card and she told me she ran out. I signed the agreement with Private Mortgage Funding LLC and at the signing of the agreemment paid a check of $6000.00. Exactly 1 hour after giving the representatiove the check I called my bank and found that the check was cashed and placed my account into overdraft before the money was transferred to my account. I called the representative immediately and discovered the phone number was not taking calls. I called all day 1/18/13, 1/19/13 and could not reach the representative for Private Mortgage Funding Corp. There was discussion about the home being on a septic system and that I was not interested in septic. After some discussion with some of the home owners in the community I discovered the property did have a septic system. Itried for four days to rach the representative and each time I found a number for her it was disconnected. During this entire ordeal I was able to obtain 7 different numbers for this representative and each time I found a new number it was disconnected.

On 1/13/13 at approximately 9:30 -10pm I received a call from a person who identified himself as Gabriel Chauvel, he stated he was the President of the company and was calling to discuss the house. He stated he was not refunding the $6000.00 because I had signed a contract, I reminded him I did not have a contract I signed an agreement and I called that same day when I discovered certain thing about the home to cancel and his representative phone was disconnected. I informed him between 1/10/13 of the signing and 1/13/13 his representative had disconnected 7 different phone lines and was not able to be reached and that she had cashed my check 1 hour after it was given to her, and that the way I found her was thru another representative who was showing another Rent-To-Own property that I had to dirive 1 hour to. He informed me he would speak to his attorney and get back with with me on 1/14/13 at 2pm. On 1/14/13 up to 3p I had no response from Mr. Chauvel. I used the telephone number I had obtained from his second representative to call Ms Merana or Dian she answered, I nformed her I had not heard from Gabriel Chauvel and I needed my money. She told me she would call me back. She did call back and told me she spoke with Mr. Chauvel and he would call me. He called me about ten minutes later and stated, " I am going to give you your $6000.00 back but I am in Fort Lauderdale. I informed him to forward it to Merana his representative and have her call me to pick it up. We agreed on Thursday, 1/18/13. I waited on 1/18/13 to 5pm no check, I drove to the office where I signed the agreement, no one there from the office, I called Mr. Chauvel's number got his voice mail, called again about 20 minutes later, got his voice mail, by tjis time it was 5:30pm, I waited until 6pm and called again and his number was disconnected.

I took my life savings and tried to start my life over after going thru a divorce, and I feel I was scammed by this company Private Mortgage Funding Corp.


Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Hollywood   Zip: 33021
Address: 4747 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 101

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