Bank of America

Bank of America has taken over my account from two previous mortgage companies, BOA own's the prior two companies, BOA has used numerous excuses to not reduce my mortgage rate from 9.805% in over six year's. Now BOA has stepped in and paid my taxes and had my taxes sent to BOA and not myself, my contract states that I will pay my own taxes and insurance. I have been late on paying my taxes for over 3 years, this now shows that Bank Of America has modified my loan by allowing me to pay my taxes late as I have for years and now BOA has told the state of TX to send my tax bills to Bank Of America from now on and the rep. at the CEO office named Effie Popazaharias told me not to waste my money by hiring an attorney, BOA also told me that I could not have a reduction in my mortgage rate because I had a second lien on my house, I do not have a second lien on my house, BOA has not taken their sister company off of my credit report so that BOA can use this as a reason to keep me under their thumb. I need help and I have alot more to say. My number is (Personal Information Removed) My name is Mike Petrie,,help me, please

Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Willimton
Address: PO Box 15019
Phone: 6023798727

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