they send the wrong sneaker we dont have a address to send them back only a email there no phone number for them here goes the emails that been going back and forth

Date: 2013-01-15 05:02
To: wuyong2318
Subject: Enquiry peter
i recived the wrong sneakers how can i return them back please call 3472709021 peter gonzalez
Store Name:D0687D

Dear peter
Thank you for your support to our website
It is great to hear you have got the parcel but regarding to your complaint ,according to our shipment record ,we have actually arranged the correct shoes for you .Would you please
kindly send us some photos of the pair you received and shipping label
We will do our best to help you solve the issue
Thank you for your cooperation in advance .


From: Santa Delvalle
Date: 2013-01-16 04:53
To: wuyong2318
Subject: Wrong sneakers

Wrong sneakers wrong color im sending them back and will like my money back i send them the pics they ask for

Dear Santa Delvalle,
Thank you for your cooperation
We have received and the checked the photos you attached ,yes ,the tracking number is from us and the shoes you got are different from what you ordered ,I am really sorry for the
inconvenience ,but according to our shipment record ,we actually handed the correct item to the carrier ,we have tried to contacted the carrier but we have not gotten the response from
them until now ,we think before we solve the issue we must find out what happened during the process
And I find the shoes you got were packed well ,looks very nice ,do not consider of keeping them , if returning or exchanging them will take long time and money on the shipping ,If you
can keep them ,we can provide you 15% discount in your next order ,of course ,the same mistake will never happen again
Thank you for your understanding and patience


From: Santa Delvalle
Date: 2013-01-16 21:08
To: wuyong2318
Subject: Peter Gonzalez

I still don't understand why you can't not give us a call u don't like these sneakers its says on your website I can get my money back if I return the item those sneakers are ugly so now im sending them back how do I get my money back

Dear Santa Delvalle
Good day ,yes ,we can give you our address but
you should return them at your cost ?you know the international shipping fee is quite expensive ,almost 60$ ,of couse it is not first class mail method but should be
express ,or we will not be able to get the parcel ,and we can not refund the shipping fee because the mistake is not made by us ,we have contacted the carrier recently ,but have not
got any response ,even you return the shoes you will lose the shipping fee still , and you must assume all risks such as extrusion ,damage ,detained by our customs or any risk during
the long shipping journey ,when we get the shoes back ,there will be someone to check how new the shoes are ,then finally estimate how much refund you will get ,of course ,the
shipping fee we spent on you must be deducted first ,it is strange ,some our guests say they return the shoes for us but we finally never receive them such as the parcel with USPS
tracking number LC06441527OUS
Sorry for my prolixity but I hope you can completely understand the refund procedure and I am not sure how long it will take to finish the whole procedure
I think maybe we can find a easier way to solve the issue together ,eg : you pay us the shipping fee then we can send you a new pair of shoes
Thank you for your understanding and patience
Sincerest apologies


Listen your sneakers are going back out today this sounds like a scam and if I don't get my money back you will be reported how you have not herd from your carrier don't he work for your company I have picture of the sneakers never been put on or anything nobody will wear some ugly fake sneakers like that so please I will like my 98$ back cause the only shipping you paid was 7 or 8$ that came out my card when your company said free shipping and your company don't have a phone number or anything it sounds like a scam and I will report your company if I don't revive my money back cause its not my fault your company send out the wrong item
Please send me the information where I have to send it back and I looked on your website these sneakers are not even on there I dnt understand what's going on but please send me the information

so went to the post office to try to send them back everything its in chines letters and they dont know where it came from

Country: USA   State: Henan   City: Zhengzhou   Zip: 450003
Address: Zhengzhou Road
Phone: 86037169138326

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