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I was contacted by Global Media after I started a website with Max E Biz. Global Media (Peter Goldman) promised me I would make enough money on my website to cover the minimum payments on the fee of $10K. The website was up and running for 2 months, not a single sale was made.
I demanded my money back. I was promised by(Peter Goldman) I would make enough to cover expenses. Global Media agreed to give back $7K of the $10K I paid them. I was to receive a check for $5K on November 4th and another check for $2K November 14th. No check ever came. Because they agreed to refund my money I felt they knew they were in the wrong. They did not set up my website correctly and I would never make the money to cover expenses let alone make the profit I had hoped for.
After repeated emails demanding my money I received a phone call on an unlisted number from global media. They told me if I would sign a EchoSign document stating they had completed their job they would process my refund. I told them they didn’t do their job but I would sign if it meant getting my money back. At this point I was delinquent on payments. I was counting on money from my website to make the payments on the $10K Global Media fee. On December 4th I signed the EchoSign Document. I was told I would receive a check for $2K in 7 days and then as soon as that check was cashed I would be sent a check for $5K in the following 7 days. It is December 19th and I have received no checks. I have repeatedly tried to contact Global Media by both email and phone. Nobody ever answers the phone, I leave a message nobody ever calls back. I have received no response to emails.

I have in writing all the emails back and forth for the above agreements. I would be happy to forward any or all of them to the Attorney Generals Office. Please let me know any documentation you need I will be happy to provide it.

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Avondale   Zip: 85323
Address: 11435 W. Buckeye Rd., Suite 104 Box 203
Phone: 6024761052,6234761052

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