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I recieved an email that I was going to be the beneficiary to 10 million dollars of this womans money that she had been left from her dying husband.The email also said that she didn't want her family to get the money and that she had cancer and couldn't take phone calls right now.She gave a law firm and all the basic info that I was supposed to fall for.But truthfully I'm not stupid.People don't just give that kind of money to strangers over the internet.Ecspecially without meeting them ,ever.I think this is absoltuley sicking that they would use an illness like this, I have a friend that just died at the age of 30 from cancer two weeks ago.She left behind two small children.Further more it is just unreal for someone to think that I am so stupid to fall for a scam like this.Maybe some people out there are volnerable but,if it's too good to be true,it is.I am a Christian and this is apolling on so many levels.To use Christ to try to scam someone,sin.What a price to pay for a laugh, or to get money without working for it.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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