Goldwel Lending Services ,677 Brodway,Albany NY 12207

On 12-17 -012 i'm aplay for loan of $35000 and and has ben apruved by agent;Michael Green.So after that Michael Green call to me and we are spoack regarding that.The Michael Green promices everithing pozitive for me to have loan of $35000 with interes $7.5 on 15 years period 180 months to return does loan.Michael Green faxed to me the statement contract to sighn and return to Michael with copy of my void check and my ID.That moment Michael and Ruth Barns they are asck to me to go in Wallmart and buy prepaid greenMoney Pack card and depozited my money on that cards.So i'm trusted to them and ask beside them that is make shure to nat be fraud criminals stilling taft my money if i'm giving them pins number from does card.They are Michael Green and Ruth Barns promices to me that money from cards which i'm must to giving them forward before loan $35000 is regular than they will transfer loan of $35000 on my bank account asap.So i'm trust to them in there are proffessional and honest work etix and by legal low and gave to Michael Green forward my money $1600 and to Ruth Barns $1325.They are took my money and after that they refuzed to send me loan of $35000.They are refuzed to spick with me over the phone and disconect exten.255.So from one months today they not giving me eather loan $35000 and they are not send to me back my money which i'm already gave to them sum of $2925 like forward money.I'm tray to spick with them but they are refuzed to ansfer on my callingsince they are took forward my money $2925.Now i'm feal that they are roub me and taft my money used fraud vay.Today i'm going to call in Albany police and FBA in Albany .Also i'm going to call to FOX nbews canal and CNN news canal for them fraud bussiness.Also with my attornay i'm going to make sud cord accuzations statement against Michael Green and Ruth Barns like agents from golldwell.We are must to go in the cord to be tray return my money back $2925 which i'm gave them forward or to give me loan of $35000 which i'm already sighn statement and agriment with Michael Green.Now i'm in wery bad sory poor fealing like person which MIchael and Ruth raub and taft my money with fraud way.Todey i'm not have loan feom them and not have my money which i'm gave them forvard.Please i'm need asap halp me and punish the rauber like MIchael Green and Ruth Barns.My name is Enver Habibovic.My telephone; (Personal Information Removed).I'm from Chicago average poor americans who have 3 children and wife no working and i'm in bad financial hardship situations because i'm louse job to.I'm need halp asap.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Albany   Zip: 12207
Address: 677 Brodway
Phone: 5184788619

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