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I went into store to sell gold jewelry. After the employee checked the jewelry she agreed on a price of 1800.00. She took my license and then proceeded to count out the money. The counter where I was standing is tall and I could not see the money I just heard her counting. She turned to the photostat machine for approximately 2 minutes. She turned back and she acted in a panic and asked if she gave me the money. I said no, because she didn't. Then she looked at me and said the money is not here "You took it". I was mortified. I immediately emptied out my bag. pulled out my pockets and told her I did not take the money. I didn't even see it. I wanted to call the cops, she didn't. I told her to call her boss, she didn't want to. But she then called the police and I asked to see the security tape because i knew it would not show me takiung anything. The police searched me and mmy daughter and found nothing because ther was nothing to find. The police did not file a police report because there was nothing to file about. I have a receipt for my jewelry, the store did not pay me and kept my jewerly. The police said there is nothing on the tape to see. I was wrongly accused and mortified. I filed a claim in Small Claims Court. This is just unbelivable that someone can be accused of a crime and did nothing, but then have to good through all this. I have Chrohns Disease and was so stressed and upset that I ended up in bed for three days. I want my money. They have my jewelry and some pieces had diamonds. I don't know if they took out the stones and replaced them with zarconia stones worth nothin. I just want the money that is coming to me.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: Staten Island   Zip: 10314
Address: 2655 Richmond Avenue
Phone: 7186985183,7186897600,8009953725

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