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I applied for a Firestone credit card with Credit First National Association on Sunday, January 06,2013 in hopes of rebuilding a very damaged credit history. ( I had been rebuilding my credit history for almost two years since filing for Bankruptcy in march 2011.) I was declined due to no credit history according to my letter of denial by Credit First National Association. I was toldm in the letter of denial that i had insufficient credit history. ( I am a 50 year old man and I do have an credit history.) I was told by Credit First that although they did obtain an credit report from Trans Union Credit Bureau that showed that my credit was good, I was told they couldn't approve me for the Firestone card because they couldn't verify through Equifax that my credit file existed. I spoke with an representative at Equifax today, Wednesday, January 16,2013. They couldn't give me any information as to why my credit file wasn't sent to Firestone ( Credit First). I was able to obtain my credit report from online which verifies that I do have an credit file. Target National Bank who issues the target Store card and Valero gas card company approved me for credit. My question to you is how can Equifax not provide my credit file to Credit First for the Firestone credit card. I will be writing letter to Equifax and Firestone. I can't understand how the credit analyst who wasted 20 minutes of my time on the phone couldn't have contacted equifax to have found out why my credit file wasn't properly disclosed? I was denied credit because of this! In fact another credit report was wrongfully pulled ( Transunion by Credit First knowing they weren't going to open an account because Equifax failed to properly releazse my report on demand. I understand that we live in a society where everything is automated when it comes to credit; However, As a society, have we lost our common sense when it comes to processing information. it definitely seems that Credit First and equifax could learn to develop some much common sense when it comes to following up and properly verifying credit information instead of declining the very consumers who keep them in business with a job! It's a very sad day when a consumer is trying to rebuild his credit but only to be told that due to modern technology and the lack of common sense of both institutions that a consumer who was qualified for credit is declined. In essence, so much for a consumer who's trying to rebuild ones credit history!!!!

Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta   Zip: 30309
Address: 1550 Peachtree Street, Mail Drop 65
Phone: 8668077461,8006851111,4048858000,8882024025
Site: www.equifax.com

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