Scott Gonzales

Ran into the same issue as "cheekamo 1/15/2013" but I decided I better dig a bit deeper into the internet to find out why things just seemed to be a bit odd. The scammer "Scott" had references, a phone number to contact him at and pictures of the actual rental unit. These are the phone numbers he used and the email addresses of his references.
707-348-2472 TEXT

Of course if it just doesn't seem right it probably isn't, but here are some tips on how to dig for facts.
1. Ask for pictures! You can "Google" search a picture and everywhere that picture is posted on the internet will show up. "Scott's" rental pics belonged to another rental. A scammer can take any picture off the internet and say it's there's but they cannot delete a picture from someone's rental listing.
2. Always "google" their name! "Google" search their name, address, phone number, references & contacts. Do this all in seperate searches. If it's fishy, you're most likey to find something somewhere on one or all of the searches. If you can't find anything at all.... it's most likely a new scam ad just started since everyone is catching on to their old one.
3. Speak to an actual person. If they say their busy and can only text... move on to another rental.
Hope some of this helps....

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