i purchased a dishwasher from sears on 11/11 since then it has needed 3 replacements for the timer and 2 replacements for the pump..the last timer replaced in 11/12 needed to be replaced again a month later..when i called sears to inquire about a warranty contract i was told i couldnt purchase one since i had "abused" the dishwasher..i was told this was because the last repairman that was here saw water in the bottom of the basin and this ment i hadent cleaned all the food off the plates and some got stuck and plugged the drain and this was "abuse"..he also took a picture of the basin without informing me which i was not happy about..i did not"abuse" the dishwasher..just because he thought something was stuck in the drain..i feel due to the extensive failures of this product i should at the least be able to purchase a warranty agreement and did appreciate being told i "abused" a product i paid $700 for..their customer service was not at all helpful and im sure they are using this "abuse" on other customers. i will say so far the original warranty has covered the repair costs but im concerned the product will fail again and i dont like being accused of abuse of a product i own

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Hoffman Estates   Zip: 60179
Address: 3333 Beverly Road
Phone: 8472862500

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