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I was searching for cars on ksl and here is what happened. The add number was 285366 it was up for about 2 hours. Black Tahoe for $3100.00 here is the email she sent back to me after I asked her if this was a misprint.

&&& Forwarded message &&&-
From: amanda roberts
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 8:49 PM
Subject: re: KSL Cars - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe


Thanks for being interested in buying my car 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe .It is in a good condition, no scratches,no damages,never been implicated in any accidents,no problems at the engine,runs very well. It has an 8 Cyl engine 30,254 miles, clear title, a perfect car.The price is not negotiable $3100 firm.The only thing because i am selling it,because i divorced with my husband and after the divorce i own this car,now as a woman i don`t need it (i don`t have driver license)...we will use only eBay Motors to complete the sale. If you are interested and you have the funds available I just need your full name and address so i can open a case.(with no further obligation or fees).

Thank you!

I car-faxed the title and it didn't go through. She also had two other cars for sale similar situation.

So I said that I could come and see it and that I didn't know what ebay motors was so I asked her about it...


Thanks for getting back to me. the car is now at the shipping company warehouse sealed in a cargo container ready to ship.I want to use ebay's services for this transaction as it is the safest for both of us.Let me explain how it works:
First of all I will need your full name and shipping address so I can register the transaction with ebay. Once you receive the details from ebay, the car will be reserved for you until you read the details and decide if you want to proceed or not.You will have a 5 days inspection period, after the car arrives at your address to make sure it is as shown in the photos and in good working order.If by any reason the car is not as described or if you find any problems with it, I will arrange to ship it back on my cost.The payment will be sent to ebay and they will hold it until the inspection period is over and you decide if you're going to buy it or not.This way you're not going to pay for something you haven't seen and with the inspection period you can make sure it's as described.If you agree with this terms please reply with your full name and address so we can get the ball rolling.
Thank you!

Notice the grammar is better.

So I was dumb and gave her my name and address. Then I was thinking this was way to good to be true. So I google searched her address and it brought up another car for sale somwhere else.

She has emailed me back today and here are her responses...

OK, I have forwarded your details to eBay and they will contact you with an invoice soon! Let me know when you get it.The shipping is free i will take care of it and i will send the car with all the papers vehicle registration, warranty papers,transfer papers etc.

Thank you!

Hi, the ebay told me that they sent you already the invoice.
Just checking to see if you received the invoice from ebay yet, Also they told me that the invoice have a large HTML , please verify your Junk/Spam.
Let me know..

If you receive the notifications from them, you need to follow the instruction that you received from the ebay invoice and make the down payment to the ebay agent name and address , after you will send it please send the info to eBay so they can check the transfer and immediately I will start the shipping Very important! When you'll send the money do NOT tell to Western Union that you are making a payment for a purchase over the Internet, because they will charge you and ebay, and ebay me and I already support the shipping and insurance costs. Better tell them that you are sending the money for a friend or a relative of yours. This way, I think you will even pay lower fees. Keep me posted.

here is what "Ebay" has sent me

Important Notice! eBay-Transaction ID #MML882256255

Item Description:2007 Chevrolet Tahoe
Transaction ID #MML882256255

Dear Stephanie Bosen,

As you've seen above in the invoice you will have to pay a down payment $2100 and rest of the money $1000 when you will receive the car at your home address.We apologize but we don't offer a phone support in any case, we offer only e-mail. Please inform us if you have received the invoice for payment. Once we receive the email from you that will include the payment details as explained above, we will instruct the seller to start the shipping process. We will hold the payment until you send us your confirmation that you are satisfied with the product you received. As soon as we receive your confirmation we will release the payment to the seller. You will receive further details regarding the shipping process (courier information, tracking method, expected delivery date) after the payment confirmation.

*NOTE: It may occur that your e-mail doesn't support HTML language and that is why you haven't received the invoice from us. Please check your bulk/junk/spam/ messages, the invoice may have ended there because of the ever increasing filters of the e-mails now days.

eBay Financing Center Customer Support
Vehicle Purchase Protection Program Inc.

OK so I can't click on anything in this email if it was really ebay I could click on links to open pages.

So I'm worried that they have my name and address.
When I first emailed her from KSL I had to enter my phone number...did she get that information too?

I would like you to tell people about this so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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