Dead Sea Kit Company

This product is only one of many currently on the Internet operating this trial at a very special scam. The special price is greater than what they charge for subsequent orders. I fell for this one & the more I look into this the more worried I feel at what sort of people I am dealing with. One researcher found connections to the mafia, I have returned the goods to Israel, we will see if I get the charge cancelled. No telephone number exists & they don't reply to e-mails saying you want to return the product. I am concerned that such awful people having people's card details means they could take money from your account in 6 months time, because the banks can't for reasons I can't understand st them even if you get a new card. Which leaves you between a rock & a hard place. Perhaps if I threaten to change banks to solve the problem they will be more helpful. As for me, I have learned a few valuable lessons, ie I will never respond to trials with companies who do not have a telephone number & a UK address that is not a PO box. I will also read the small print, because when I went back to scrutinise the web site I found in tiny print art the very bottom of the page, that they would after 30 days, make this ridiculous charge for their cream. LOL I would expect it to take 50 years off me for that price. What is even more alarming they, apparently send another lot every month & take the money for that too, without any request for it. So those who don't spot the scam quickly enough can lose serious money. On both sides of the pond , ordinary people are already struggling, to lose such amounts from your bsnk account could put many in hardship, these people are heartless..

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: London   Zip: NW11 7TJ
Address: 788 - 790 Finchley Road
Phone: 44107800556,01144107800556

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