Hello Jane@ Digital Credit Union:

As you requested, I called (MTH) MY Tech Help @ 11:20 AM today.
I spoke with Porsche and reiterated the foundation for my call with the following issues for being charged, as follows:
A): I called 01/04/13 MTH and spoke with Mickie explaining I had OS systems where my Dell 420 was not communicating with my Dell 968w printer; also, I had an issue with my AT&T Micro Cell cell phone booster was not working properly in conjunction with my D Link router;Mickie took my debit card info assuring me MTH could help with my issues. I stated to Mickie that if they could not provide and eliminate my system issues, I would expect a full refund. Mickie understood, as mentioned..
B):I called again the same day and spoke with Tavaris because I had no follow-up or contact with MTH since the original contact with Mickie.I restated my above system issues and what I expected if nothing improved. Tavaris stated not to expect a full return.
Jane, I have called Dell Support in India and learned the OS on my Dell 420 Vista needed a new replacement. I paid $248.00 and solved the printer and OS issue.Item two: I called Comcast to resolve my slow internet speed. I have since canceled Clear Internet.Plus I have called AT&T Tech to resolve the issues with my AT&T Micro Cell Unit and router. I have since signed up for AT&T's Tech support to provide insurance on my software issues with their Licensed Engineers @ $39./mo..
MTH resolved not one an issue and offered no support. I feel I am entitled to a full refund. I did all the leg-work to fix my isssues.
All MTH was to answer my call and do nothing.
I am posting complaints about MTH to BBB,FB,Twitter,LinkedIn and Google.
Please advise if need more info.

Neal McDowell

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Margate   Zip: 33063
Address: 5259 Coconut Creek Parkway
Phone: 9546579600,8776869789,8777634010,8776070226

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