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I put my Dryer on craigslist and this is one of the emails I recieved:
I am sorry that i didn't get back to you yesterday, The
secretary had already made the payment out to you on Tuesday which i
didn't know until this morning she pass me the tracking number for the
package and here is the tracking number for the package
(092019015017362 )Via fedex.com. Its confirmed that the package had
been delivered to you this morning.But there would be a little Help i
would like you to render for me, I contacted the shipper that would be
coming to pick-up the (Propane Dryer) in your location to be ready,
And i was so surprised as they insisted that their payment need to be
paid before they come for the pick-up in your location and other item
they are picking up for me in other location, They told me this on
sunday night, and i told them that i would send them a check to cover
up all the pick-up payment, But they insisted that the money need to
be paid in cash and via money gram before service, i tried to pleaded
but they wouldn't listen to me, and i dont have any cash left with me
here which to be paid to them as i told you ealiar that am on offical
trip, the only way i can pay is by check.....So i decided to contact
the Secretary to send you a check that would cover up the shipping
cost and the item am buying from you,since the shipper insisted on
cash payment and honestly i dont have the cash here, I dont know how
Honest you are as am little worried about this. To make this cleared
to you, the check on the way to you has cover up the shipping cost and
the item am buying from you, all you need when you get the check is
just for you to cash it and deduct the amount for the item and also
deduct sum of $100 for your running around and send the rest to my
shipper via Western union..The check is sum of $2860

$100 for your running Around
$100 Propane Dryer
$2,660 Remaining would be sent to the shipper via Western Union.

The Western Union charges will be deduct out of $2,660 then the rest
will be sent The shipper information you would need to send the money
via Western Union. is as below.

Receiver Name: Glenda Woods
Address: 8268 164th St
City: Jamaica,
State: NY
Zipcode: 11434

And make sure you get back to me with the Western Union details as
soon as you send the money, such as..

sender's name
Total amount sent
MTCN Number
The current Pick-up Address

Your phone Number where the shipper can call you when they are on the
way to your location. Please i realy want you to be honest with me,It
is so hard to find a honest person this days, But i just believe this
transaction would works out Fine, I believe nobody would ever shit on
me since i have never shit on anyone in my whole Life. So you get my

Regards to all your Family"

I added the Quotes because that is the email I recieved but I recieved a bunch of them and the last was mean because when we recieved the check we were very curious about it and called 411 to get the number of the company that issued it and they said not to cash it because it was fraud and that its a scam. But the same person that said that told us "oh dont call the police just throw that check away!" Why would anyone say that to anyone. If its a scam the police should have it and she was trying very hard to get us to put in the trash. But the person sending it was very mad we didnt cash it.
I am not sure what to do with it but we are very mad someone would try to take us for granted. I really want to take it to the police but I dont know if it would do any good. I hope by posting this it will stop others from being taken advantage of. they were trying to get us for over $2000.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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