Trip Pros

I called to learn about the deal that of course sounded to good to be true but thought I would give it a shot.

I had no problem reaching someone when wanting to learn about the different trips and which one I would like to buy.

The first thing is that they make you feel like the deal is ending the next day and actually it is not. So you already feel pressure to get this great savings.

I called back the next day to purchase what I was told to be a 2 night 3 day Florida trip. I was told that the trip was $300 for 2 people (this included airfare and hotel) and that there is an activation fee of $69.00 per person and that the taxes at the end of the hotel stay would be between $8-$12 a night. I specifically asked Chase (Ext 903) is there ANY other hidden costs that I cannot afford them, he said "No, there are no more."
They also will only allow you to use a check over the phone(ACH) so now they have all of your information to your money.

I call to activate my trip and mind you this is now a different company you are dealing with and they tell me it's $69.00 a person. At this time I call Chase back from Trip Pros and of course he won't return my phone call and seems to always be away from his desk.

Over the next few days I receive my "vouchers" and when reading it, it states that my trip is for TWO nights not THREE like I have in black and white in an email from Trip Pros, Paul Sampson. Upon reading the "terms and conditions" further it states that there is ANOTHER fee of $99.00 a person for a booking fee (extra $198.00 I was not informed of). When reading further it states that the airfare is only covered up to $350.00 per person.

At this point I try to call Chase back to let him know that I don't want this trip anymore This was on a Monday and he didn't call back Thursday so I tried calling him 3 times and he was always away from his desk. I tried several times on Friday and never got a response back, I informed the lady on the phone if needed I will get attorneys involved and she told me to email that I want a refund, it was never answered. I have now had to close that account and file a fraud claim.

At this point i hope the Bank is able to refund me the money ...

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Colorado Springs   Zip: 80903
Address: 102 South Tejon Street
Phone: 8887584449

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