They lied about everything and when you play you will run out of bids so fast "but its your fault its your strategy" they said that to me HaHa. I thought that was funny because it took me 2 hours to go through all the bins the say i won when i really bought them and every time you buy some even though its straight to your account they charge u shipping fee of $2.00. And i have the last chat log from them and this is what they had to say (thanks live support....)
10:25:31 AM [Melissa]
Thank you for contacting our Customer Support.
My name is Melissa. how may I help you today?

10:25:54 AM [kacey] yeah i bought like over 200 bids and didnt win anything thing
10:27:04 AM [kacey] and i think that you put people in these bids with unlitmed bids because some people come in and just blow threw 200-300 then they come back 5-10mins later and same thing
10:27:14 AM [kacey] how is it possible that they have that many
10:27:19 AM [kacey] if this is a scam
10:27:22 AM [kacey] i will find out
10:27:46 AM [kacey] hello?
10:28:35 AM [Melissa] To better assist you, may I have the email address with which you registered?

10:28:57 AM [kacey] (Personal Information Removed)
10:30:34 AM [Melissa] Please give me a moment while I locate your account.
10:33:48 AM [kacey] i just dont get it
10:33:51 AM [kacey] i have a kid
10:34:15 AM [kacey] i thought it would be a good way to get presents for christmas and now im broke
10:34:43 AM [Melissa] Kacey I do see that you already won some auctions
10:35:04 AM [kacey] i won free (Inappropriate Content Removed)
10:35:12 AM [kacey] u know that i didnt win anything
10:35:24 AM [kacey] i won bids that i had to buy and they were free to bid
10:35:56 AM [Melissa] That depends on the strategy that every bidder use
10:36:41 AM [Melissa] If the auction is free to buy means you are not using your bids, but if you wants to get the item that you were bidding on, you need to pay for the auction
10:37:29 AM [kacey] i used all my bids on a tv
10:37:47 AM [kacey] i sat here for 2hours hoping this wasnt a scam
10:37:52 AM [kacey] and it broke me
10:38:21 AM [kacey] its not strategy either
10:38:40 AM [kacey] its about who has the most money to buy bids and power house till everyone runs out
10:39:23 AM [kacey] and as well the retail calue should not stay the same
10:39:29 AM [kacey] i payed in good money
10:39:34 AM [kacey] why not lower the retail
10:40:34 AM [kacey] i just dont understand how ya call this a business. Any new person that joins this is excited because you make everything sound so good
10:40:43 AM [kacey] and what did i get? nothing
10:40:50 AM [kacey] i have less money on my card
10:40:53 AM [kacey] no bids
10:40:56 AM [kacey] no nothing
10:41:05 AM [kacey] now tell me how i won
10:42:07 AM [Laura] Hello Kacey, I'm going to take care of you today,
10:42:45 AM [Laura] I can see that you won a lot of items with us.
10:42:51 AM [kacey] ?
10:42:59 AM [kacey] i did?
10:42:59 AM [Laura] As you can see we are not a scam because you are winning items.
10:43:46 AM [Laura] As my co-worker explain to you, the idea is that you create your own strategy.
10:43:59 AM [kacey] ok
10:44:03 AM [kacey] i would have
10:44:16 AM [kacey] but this is the real life situation that has happened here today
10:44:21 AM [Laura] I totally understand your frustration.
10:44:25 AM [kacey] you gave me no free spins
10:44:31 AM [kacey] i payed for spins
10:44:35 AM [kacey] i bought more
10:44:48 AM [kacey] bids*
10:44:51 AM [kacey] my fault
10:44:54 AM [Laura] You have not purchased a bid package with us and you have a lot of bids that you won on the website.
10:45:04 AM [kacey] listen
10:45:07 AM [kacey] i didnt win (Inappropriate Content Removed)
10:45:09 AM [kacey] if i won it
10:45:14 AM [kacey] it would be on my account
10:45:22 AM [kacey] its telling me i have to pay for win
10:45:29 AM [kacey] didnt know that was like that
10:45:31 AM [kacey] and also
10:45:48 AM [Laura] Let me give you the list please
10:45:53 AM [kacey] how are u going to charge me $2.00 for a bid voucher?
10:46:02 AM [kacey] there is no shipping
10:46:07 AM [kacey] but u charge shipping
10:46:31 AM [kacey] do you not think just charging me for the bid voucher and me lossing that money is enough
10:46:34 AM [Laura] Kacey
10:46:46 AM [Laura]
150 Bids Voucher
25 Bids Voucher
15 Bids Voucher
15 Bids Voucher
100 Bids Voucher
50 Bids Voucher
25 Bids $500 Grocery Coupons Reward

10:47:00 AM [Laura] The bid vouchers has transaction fee.
10:47:14 AM [Laura] This information is on the website before you start bidding.
10:47:25 AM [kacey] not really
10:47:29 AM [kacey] is there fine print
10:47:38 AM [kacey] let me tell you something laura
10:47:47 AM [kacey] im going to make sure this company is shut down
10:47:50 AM [kacey] good day
10:47:51 AM [Laura] Yes Kacey, you just need to click on the picture of the item, if you scroll down the page your will find this information.
DO NOT USE ZBIDDY PENNY AUCTION! Oh yeah and when you play watch the other players u can tell they have unlimited bids to spend. The first thought that crossed through my head was dang these people won alot so they had plenty to buy bids with... not quite so. The truth to it is that they have bots and i know for sure because they have a auto bid thing and that just makes it so much easier for them to put bots in their system and win their stuff back

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Deerfield Beach   Zip: 33442
Address: 2200 SW 10th St
Phone: 8779243390
Site: www.zbiddy.com

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