Ordered a pair of boots from for $47.60. I couldn't believed how cheap the stuff are. It was too good to be true! That should've raised a red flag! Still, I went ahead and placed an order. But, I just had this gut feeling. So I checked the reviews on this site!--OMG!complaints after complaints! I couldn't believe it. So, right then and there, I called PayPal and disputed my purchase. They must get a lot of complaints about this company because I got my $$ back within a few days of my dispute! It's a total BOGUS!!! People, please...DO NOT order anything from this site!!! They are FRAUD!!
I'm surprised that this company is still around! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!
P.S. By the way, after getting a refund from PayPal, I still got a small package from the company...containing a pencil! Can you believe that $%@t?!!!

Country: USA   State: Hen Nan   City: Zheng Zhou   Zip: 450003
Address: No.89 Hua Yuan Xi Road, Zhong Yuan Qu
Phone: 115514352209

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