I received a call from US JOB ASSIST LLC and a Brandon Durham in Phoenix Arizona (480-409-4352)giving me the chance to work at home or if I wanted to go out in the field locating small buinesses that use credit card terminals. I could offer them a VISA or MASTER card offer to illiminate the middle man and save 4-6% this way. My residual would be when I turned over leads, a bigger fee when the Co sign on.

Everything was free..... I was offered consultation, 2 web sites 3 videos. All I had to do was file for LLC license which they would take care of, he came up with a name for my company. We talked for almost 2 hours, I asked everything I could think of and of course he had valid answers. He gave me Customer Service number of 800-354-0274, which is a good # at US JOBS. He even gave me a personal cell number, which I did call and talked to a young lady - which I thought was his daughter (623-236-6292 -found out later it is his supposedly young wife/probably a gal at the next desk otherwise his wife is in on it too!!)

So all of this scam was just too convincing so I stupidly gave him my credit card info and $319 was charged immediately, tho he claimed the funds would not transfer untill I actually was contacted, viewed & signed forms via the legal department (which turned out to be in FL, 602-349-2658.)

I was lucky enough to find scambook after doing this and read the numerous listings and within 10 minutes cancelled my credit card transaction. (Which is when I found out that the transaction had already taken place, not delayed as I was told it would be only used upon my contract signature via email). My Visa said I have to wait 3-5 days to make sure it is cancelled, otherwise I will need to dispute. I also cancelled my credit card and they are sending a new one as extra precaution.

All I can say is I wish I had found scambook prior to my agreeing, but I am glad I found it within 10 minutes of giving out my credit info and am hoping everything will be ok in the end...... from now on I will be checking your site out first, or better yet I have learned my lesson and WILL NOT FALL FOR ANYTHING AGAIN! Remember: SCAMMERS are smooth and skilled.

If there is more I can do anyone please let me know. Thanks

Country: USA   State: Quays   City: Salford   Zip: M5 3EZ
Address: Waters Edge Business Park , 1 Modwen Road

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