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Attn :

I was directed by my boss to send you the consignment of $7.5 million usd as compensation for the lottery you won some time ago which you were unable to claim due to loss of contact or communication, note that the lottery was an online electronic random email selection. So,your payment has been approved and registered with Acsentra Security Consultants UK.The security company will be delivering your trunk of money (Consignment) to your door step in a sealed diplomatic box,which means your funds has been insured with a strong insurance policy and can not be touched by the security company or anybody. Note that my boss has already paid for the cost of transportation so all you have to do is to contact them with the following information;

(1)Your Full Names
(2)Your delivery address
(4)Cell phone number
(6)Company Id Or international passport
(8)Country of residence

Below is the contact information of the security company;

Name of Security company: Acsentra Security Consultants
021 white chapel Road London England,

You are to contact them with the information given to you as soon as possible and get back to me with any response you receive from them immediately.
I await your email.

Mr James Anderson

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> From:
> Subject: YOU WON 7.5 MILLION USD!!
> Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 20:55:36 0000
> To:
> Good Day,
> I am using this opportunity to inform you that the online automatic random email selection lottery, that you won some time ago which you were unable to claim due to loss of contact or communication by the finance house that was supposed to inform you on your winnings has been rectified.The sum of $7.5 million USD (SEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) will be delivered to you as compensation for the total sum of your initial winnings which you were unable to claim.Below is the contact details of the fiduciary agent which you are to contact in ensuring the swift delivery of your consignment;
> Name of agent:MR.James Anderson
> Email address:
> Be informed that this is genuine and authentic so you will not be asked to make any payment for courier charges for the delivery of your funds as that is what fraudsters on the internet normally do, also note that you do not need to register or enter into the lottery before you emerged a winner, as this is an automatic random email selection lottery, i have already paid for the transportation of your consignment.You are to contact the agent immediately in order for your funds of $7.5 million USD(SEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS)to be delivered to you without further delays.
> Sincerely,
> Mrs Mauren Walken
Then the next day after giving the minimal info.Download
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166 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
Phone No: 44 7822149076


A notification came to our desk for your consignment remittance to you. This means that the verification department for payment has officially cleared you. All the necessary documents covering your consignment have been sent to us stating that your money was obtained legally and not for any act of terrorism.

Therefore, it is our duty as the Security Company in charge of delivery to deliver your consignment to you at your doorstep in your place of residence. So all we need is your fast response to issues as they arise so we can make your delivery to you as soon as possible. See below the information of the consignment that will be delivered to you at your place of residence

Weight of Accompanying Documents

Total weight of Consignment

Colour of Consignment
Consignment Packaging

NOTE:Please be aware that it will take our diplomat 48hours(two working days)to deliver your consignment at your door step.he will make contact with you immediately he arrives your country so please be at alert.

Please note that you have to pay the sum of 255 Pounds for the handling charges and clearance fee of your consignment because the cost of transportation has already been paid for and note that there is a security lock on the box which i will give to you immediately you collect the consignment from the diplomat. Note that the diplomat does not know the lock code.

Be aware that, your funds can not be touched by us or the diplomat because of the hard copy insurance certificate that is registered with your funds so your funds will be intact without a dime missing when it will be delivered to you.
Get back to me if you agree to the terms stated out to you in taking care of the handling charges in order for me to me to give you the payment information you are to use in making the payment and authorize the diplomat to effect delivery.

Mr.Kevin Smith
Executive Directo

Country: USA   State: All USA

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