Lizzy Lanny

I sent money to this person because i was stupid and lead to believe that he/she cared for me. 9/28/2012 I sent 300.00 western union Lagos Nigeria, Reciever Simmons Patrick,MTCN:620-712-2327. 10/04/2012 I sent 743.00 western union Lagos Nigeria,Reciever Simmons Patrick, MTCN:366-775-6210. 10/10/2012 I sent 535.00 western union Lagos Nigeria, Reciever Simmons Patrick, MTCN:139-871-8198. The first time was for her daughters birthday. The second time was for paying her hotel bill. The third was for a air line ticket to fly to be with me. Now she wants 400.00 to get her daughters medication for treatment of cancer of the lungs. Her daughters name is cindy williams and the hospital name is Jumoke Hospital room#25 Doctors name is Bayo Lawal. Lizzy Lanny says she is staying at the Davola Hotel. Hotel Managers name is simmons Patrick and his co worker is Johnson Mack. Lizzy Lanny had 4 different facebook accts. All her friends were elderly men. Lizzy Lanny says she is from Los Angeles California 90026 and says her address is 1911 West Sunset Blvd Los Angeles California 90026. She said her fathers name is Pearsall Lanny and her mothers name is Linda Lanny who are both deceased.She said she has a california drivers license and owns 2 vehicles a Honda Accord and a Honda pilot. Now Lizzy Lanny wants 3200.00 to clear her goods from Grimaldi. Agent:Roro Oceanic Address 14, Burma Road, Apapa, 68b Perekule Road,GRAII Port Harcourt 39. To this day Lizzy Lanny is texting me on my cell phone. Lizzy Lanny text #1-110-440-603. She says she is texting me from the hospital. But it is the same number when she texts me from her hotel room.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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