Steve Diaz/Alice Link

Above said person was having a financial hardship and asked to borrow money until he got to Sacramento to sell his treasure worth 80 thousand.I sent to Alice link via western union for Steve Diaz a total of $1,650. and I never was paid back. So 2 weeks ago I Emailed Steve and told him I was in a financial situation and was he in a better position and could maybe return the favor. He said he was and mailed me a check. The check was for more than he owed so he wanted me to have it cashed and western union him the remainder. I told him that the check was going to have to clear first because I could not afford to lose any more money. He started blowing up my phone. He called me 53 times in 2 hours one evening, and 48 times the following morning. So, I had to change my phone number which cost me another $36.00. While waiting for the check to clear I went ahead and sent $800. to a guy he said was a doctor in Washington. The next day I went to the bank and was told that the check was no good. I called the company that the check was from and they said that Steve had stolen the checks and they were fraudulent. Steve got very irrate with me and screamed at me that I owe him a lot of money and I am trying to rip him off etc, etc. I have since stopped all contact with him.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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