I have no idea how this company obtained direct access to my bank account. Since this is not our main account, I do not follow it regularly and just happened to notice a $39.95 charge on Friday. Investigating further, this company had been withdrawing this fee from my account since MARCH! I did NOT order this service, I DID NOT agree to enroll, I DID NOT give them any access or authorization. I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, as well as complaints with the FCC and and FTC. When I called the customer service number today, the treatment I received was beyond rude. The representative said, "you were probably ordering clothing or something and didn't "uncheck" a box that enrolled you in our free trial". Then, as proof of my enrollment, he listed an e-mail address that was not even my e-mail and proceeded to tell me I "forgot" that I enrolled. He had no other information. To make matters even worse, he told me "you've never really been charged, since your account had insuffucient funds" which is a flat out lie. My bank statements clearly show the charges processed from this company on a monthly basis. He then told me I would need to "prove" the charges by faxing my bank statements to some random number he provided which is NOT a fax number and which no one answers. Of course, he can not provide "proof" that I enrolled. How on earth does this company gain access to our bank accounts? Have criminal charges been filed? I will not stop until my money is refunded and this comapany is stopped from their criminal practices. If this happens to you, file complaints with every agency you can.

Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Wilmington   Zip: 19801
Address: 702 N. West Street, Suite 101
Phone: 8887911163

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