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on december 5th 2011 i purchased a casio phone from verizon wireless, before the end of the month i had to have the phone replaced, and today is november 9th and i am getting ready to have to have the phonereplaced for the 4th time which will be my 5th phone, on top of it all this last phone they sent i recieved about two months ago. my girlfriend and i both have called and verizon has reset the phones and sent reconditioned phones of the same brand casio commando. we finally complained so much to the main office that they finally said they will give me another 3g droid phone but i would have to buy a battery for it andi think this is totally unfair since i have been a loyal customer since the first day verizon took over bell atlantic mobile. i am on disability and have a dang cell phone that will just shut down for no reason, drop calls ina full service area and will go blank when typing a text, also the phone has a data package and i cant even use the internet because of the problems with this type phone. i again am on a limited income on disability with chronic back and leg problems not to mention a bad heart that i am on the transplant list, so if my phone theonly phone ihave access to i can't depend on even in an emergency and i live alone. i have tried my best to reason with this company and so has my girl friend that lives thirty miles away so dont see her but every other week end so it is a problem i cant call her for help if anything bad happens to me. i know of five people that has had problems with their phones and had several early upgrades having their phones less than a year and i cant even get an early upgrade to try to get a better phone, so this i think is a major problem. all i simply asked for was if nothing else give me an early upgrade so i can afford a different phone but they said pay off my contract and get a new service but i cant afford to just pull out 300.00 plus a new plan to do the termination of contract then turn around and buy a new phone plus start a new contract with them, not to mention i would have to get a new number if i terminated the contract early. i want to keep the same number i have had for the past 15 years or so and it is just not fair to treat me this way, also a few people at the office and tech support was extremely rude to me and i still stayed calm and was nice about it. i want action some how some way and i want a phone and a battery. the nerve of them to say they can comprimise and send a random phone of some sort and i have to pay 79.00 for a battery when i can get an early upgrade andonly pay 45.00 this just does not make since to me. by the way monday i am going to have to order another refurbished casio because this phone i have is less than 2 months old and i cant depend on it. yes i signed a contract with verizon, but the contract was for a service i can use that i pay for, not a service i spend more time getting phones replaced that does not work. i am fed up with verizon, the people that tear up phones on purpose can get a dang i phone to replace their phone in less than a year but i cant even get an early upgrade to get a decent droid with a battery. this just dont make any sence to me. i thought south carolina had a lemon law on anything that if the product gave the same problem 3 times they are to replace with another model or refund my money and that does not apply to just a car. speaking of which one of the verizon technicians said its only a phone not a car and i told him i bought a mustang and had same problem 3 times so i got a truck to replace the mustang.also the truck was a chevrolet not even a ford product so a phone should be the same way, dont force someone to keep using and replacing the same brand if their is a problem, especially since i am going on my 5th or 6th phone of the same brand that gives the same exact troubles. i feel i am being treated unfairly and no way out and i feel they r taking advantage of me being disabled and on a limited income. i have been discriminated against so much, i don't even know what to think any more. all i am saying is they have been told my health is at a great risk and i need a dependable phone for emergencies incase i have another heart attack, or if i fall. i don't even have internet except on the phone so i had to borrow a computer and someone elses internet to just send this letter after a person told me that you people can get me some results. i was going to get a lawyer, but cant afford one and buying a phone at full price i cant afford so the only way i cam get another brand according to verizon is keep replacing my phone with rebuilt phones of the same brand or pay a high price for a different phone cause they will not give an early upgrade or pay a ton of money to cancel my contract that i owe 13 more months on and start a new plan as if i had never been a customer or do without and that my friend was exactly the way it was told to me by a couple verizon techs. then i also talked to two supervisors and told them i had 3 people they gave early upgrades to and the supervisors said they probably did but will not do it any more and never gave a reason why. i don't care if i get another droid but i feel they should include the battery and accesories, or an i phone it don't matter as long as i have a working phone that i can depend on. they actually called me everything but a liar about this phone but i also know several people that had the same problems out of this casio phone plus if they did not have problems withy these phones , why do they have rebuilt phones to send back out to someone when they have to have one replaced ? thats what i wanna know. anyway if there is any way you can help me with this it would be so much appreciated, i turned to you because i can not get anywhere alone on this. thank you so much

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Elgin   Zip: 60123
Address: 777 Big Timber Road
Phone: 8009220204

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